School Wall Graphics: Unique and Effective Way to Communicate With Students

Schools remain one of the most influential institutions. From elementary school all the way to college, we all spend a significant part of our life here. Even after graduating, we still remain emotionally attached to institutions attended.

In an attempt to make students more committed, schools administrations are working hard to create a welcoming environment through the use of wall graphics.

Effective Communication Tool

When walking around institutions, it’s no longer uncommon to see graphics on the walls. They are a unique and efficient way to communicate with students. Reasons, why visuals are important to student learning and communications, include:

  • We process visual graphics 60,000 faster compared to text.
  • Students read more pages with images than those with just plain text.
  • During a presentation, if visuals are used, the presenter has 45% chance of successfully engaging the audiences.


Benefits of Using School Wall Graphics

Wall graphics carry relatable, specific, achievable and measurable goals. When used in schools, they perform the role of connecting to students, parents, faculties as well as visitors to the school. Wall graphics benefit students in the following ways:

Supports Collective Identity

A sense of belonging is a great attribute that enhances an individual’s motivation. Similar to the way we identify ourselves with citizenship and ethnicity, schools use logos, mascots, and slogans as a form of student identity. Mascots and logos are the commonly used school graphics themes; they are used as a way of showing the combined identity shared by all school members.

Promotes Sportsmanship

Sporting events tie all school members together. School boosters, wall graphics, pep rally and slogans are all elements that boost student unity as well as support sportsmanship. The positive energy spread during sports also stimulates student morale. With the aim of developing students in both co-curricular and academic aspects, sports events teach students valuable out of books principles.

Celebrates Special Moments

Once a graphic is mounted on the wall,  it remains there for a very long time. They are often installed in high traffic areas such as common rooms, assembly halls, lobby or gymnasiums. They will be mementos that share special moments that happened in school, especially those that honor great achievements. Wall graphic visuals narrate the story of institutions more convincingly.

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