Tips for Integrating Creative Directional Signage

Directional signs play very important roles in events. They guide guests to their preferred destinations with great efficiency. However, directional signage need not be plain-looking and boring because of the simple fact that they’re functional forms of signs. They can be specially designed to improve an event’s theme. Additionally, the signs can be integrated to fit into the whole arrangement, thus making your guests’ experience more pleasant and memorable.

The following are strategies you can apply to integrate creative directional signs:

Strategically Place Them Where People Are.

Even though this strategy may sound obvious, placing indication signs where most of the people are congregating or passing by is very important, especially if you’d like them to navigate from one room to another with great ease.

For this reason, you should not limit placement of dining area signs to within a few meters of the dining area. Signs that are meant to direct guests to restrooms, entrances, dining areas, exits, stairs and elevators ought to be strategically placed inside or near large areas where most of the visitors will frequently congregate in.

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