4 Hidden Advantages of Safety Signs

In recent decades, workplace safety has dramatically improved—worker illnesses and injuries decreased from 10.9 incidents/ 100 workers within 1972 to 3 incidents/ 100 workers within 2015—but work will remain to be done. From PPE to wayfinding, here are four ways safety signs assists workers.


Say clear of hazardous spaces: Inform people of alternate routes as they may otherwise stroll through a space littered with slippery surfaces, heavy-duty machinery, and additional harm.

Avoid congestion: The more people crowd a space, the more likely they will be to encounter dangers. Assist users in avoiding congested spaces, and use wayfinding signage to create more secure routes.

Assist workers in emergencies: Wayfinding signs may outline emergency egress routes, send people to fire exits, as well as point out fire extinguishers and additional lifesaving equipment within emergencies.

Arc Flash Safety Signs

Nominal System Voltage: It’ll identify an equipment piece or circuit’s voltage class as well as will communicate the possible shock hazard or level of existing danger.

Arc Flash Boundary: It’s the distance from the equipment where an unprotected individual probably would receive a 2nd-degree burn in the instance of an arc flash.

PPE: It’ll outline the required PPE for securely working upon the labeled equipment.

PPE Safety Signs

Eye protection: Allows workers to know when flying particles, dust, or other dangers require employees to wear eyewear—and outlines what equipment pieces must be utilized.

Fall protection: In the construction industry, falls include the main cause of death; use signage to warn employees of fall hazards, as well as communicate the necessity for correct fall protection.

Ear protection: You can warn of loud noises in the area, and require employees to use correct ear protection.

Equipment Maintenance Signs

Tagout/Lockout: Allow workers to know when specific machines require LO/TO prior to servicing, and warn workers when a Lockout/Tagout procedure is being conducted.

Instructions: Remind workers to shut off machines prior to servicing, check oil or fuel levels, and read instructions prior to starting work.

Certain hazards: Warn workers about a machine’s special hazards in order for them to take the suitable measures before beginning work.

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