Protecting Swimmers with Proper Public Pool Signage

With the heat of summer, a day at the pool can be refreshing for the whole family. Although the pool is a great place for families to make memories, it can also be dangerous without the appropriate precautions. Sadly, the CDC still reports drowning as the leading cause of death for children ages 1-4 and the second leading cause for 5-9 years old. Even though most of the safety precautions fall on parents or guardians, those in charge of public pools need to do their part to support safety for all swimmers.


Recently, the Georgia Department of Health passed new requirements for public pools’ signage to encourage awareness and caution. The rule states that a public pool can be closed if not displaying the new mandated signage. At SignVisions, we believe that signs have a powerful impact for businesses, but pool signage has an even more meaningful purpose of protecting lives. The three updated requirements are outlined below:


1. Change “Pool Rules” to “Pool Risks”—Traditionally, public pools have had signs which communicated the rules, but this change in terminology encourages pool visitors to be more aware and use caution. We can work with you to create a pool risks sign which fits the regulations, but still fits with your color palette and style. We utilize high-quality aluminum for a long-lasting, impressive end-product.


2. Change “No Lifeguard on Duty” to “Risk of Drowning—Supervise Children Closely”—Although the “No Lifeguard on Duty” sign is supposed to encourage adults to be more mindful of their children, there are still too many incidents. By reminding parents of the risks, children can enjoy the pool more safely. Our signs are long-lasting and capable of enduring weather so your warning sign will remain sharp and visible for the years to come.


3. Post the “Peak Occupancy”—Overcrowding in a pool can be dangerous as the visibility can be compromised. The rule states this sign should be located near the “Pool Risks” sign and have letters and numbers measuring at least four inches in height. Our team members will craft a sign which is noticeable, in compliance, and attractive.


If you run a public pool, you need to update your signage immediately for the safety of your swimmers as well as to meet the state standards. At SignVisions, we craft professional signage which will endure all sorts of weather, meet the government mandates, and protect your pool visitors. Contact us today to learn more about pool signage!


SignVisions is offering DPH compliant signs in long-lasting aluminum as follows:

Pool Risks (30” x 42”) – $155 each

No Lifeguard (27” x 27”) – $125 each

Peak Occupancy (24” x 18”) – $75 each

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