SCTC Refurbishes Pylon Sign for Film Technology Center in Griffin GA

Pylon Sign Refurbishing in Griffin GA

Located at 657 North Expy in Spalding County, the Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC) is a returning client. In the past, we did a successful project for the SCTC Foundation. As a result, the administration invited us to bid on refurbishing an old pylon sign. Because the school liked what we showed them, we were able to go to work on pylon sign refurbishing in Griffin, GA.

Transforming the Look and Functionality of a Pylon Sign with Budget-Friendly Upgrades

Pylon Sign Refurbishing Before the Refurbishing in Griffin GA

A look at the old pylon sign before refurbishing.


Recently, the school had acquired a large portion of building spaces in an outmoded Wal-Mart shopping center near the main campus. Doing so allowed the school to move and expand its film technology program. There are also plans underway to put more programs into the remaining available space in the future.

Monument Pylon Sign Refurbishing in Griffin GA

A look at the sign after we completed the refurbishing project!


However, part and parcel of the deal was a dilapidated pylon monument sign that was in bad need of repair. Rather than tearing it down, it made financial sense to explore a refurbishing instead. Our technicians went to the property to inspect the sign. We found that it was in sufficiently good shape that it would give the school plenty of use.

We worked with the client on a refurbishing plan that allowed us to rebuild the existing structure and make the product a proud beacon for this program and community.

How to Refurbish a Pylon Sign

Removing the old elements from the Pylon Sign

Removing the old elements from the pylon sign.


After the initial structural and safety evaluation, our team gutted the sign. Doing so meant removing broken parts, old wiring, and cracked polycarbonate fronts. Moreover, our technicians designed, fabricated, and welded on new steel reinforcements for the structure. Next, we added new LEDs and associated wiring.

Adding the cabinet sign and new facings to the Pylon Sign

Adding the cabinet sign and new facings to the pylon sign.


Now, we were at the stage where we could apply a fresh coat of paint. In the process, we removed the former top of the pylon and replaced it with a brand-new cabinet structure that fits better for the school’s existing logo design. With the SCTC brand colors and logo presentation now at the top of the pylon, there is plenty of room to brand the venue.

LED Retroffing the cabinet sign in Griffin GA

Restoring the cabinet sign electrical elements (LED Retrofits).


We placed an imprinted blue on white acrylic front on the next lightbox cabinet that identifies the Education and Training Complex. Next, we highlighted the Film Technology program with white on blue print on a subsequent box cabinet. The two remaining cabinets remain blank and only feature the blue color. Now, as the school continues to broaden its educational programs, they are ready to highlight new training opportunities.

Do You Need Pylon Sign Refurbishing in Griffin, GA?

The new pylon sign after refurbishing in Griffin GA

A completely new look for this pylon sign!


It is not uncommon for incoming businesses to find box cabinets on their facades or existing pylon signage. These are excellent money-saving opportunities. Rather than ordering new signs, it makes sense to work with what is already on your property. It saves money and makes great use of the available resources.

Moreover, using pre-existing signage enables you to introduce yourself to the local consumer base right away. When they see the old brand details go down, and yours go up, you generate plenty of interest in your corporate identity. Call us today to schedule a consultation to see if your pylon sign would be a good candidate for a refurbishing project!


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