Channel Letters and Blade Signs for 100% Chiropractic Franchises Illuminate Across Atlanta!

Founded in August 2004, 100% Chiropractic is the brainchild of Drs. Jason and Vanessa Helfrich. Focusing on the prevention of illness, the franchise is at the forefront of changing the concept of healthcare across the nation. Now, the company has a large number of offices in a variety of states. Examples include Sharpsburg and Lawrenceville in Georgia. Recently, the franchise underwent a rebranding, and our sign shop worked with the client to replace and update exterior franchise signs in Atlanta, GA.

Eye-Catching Signage Brings Attention to 100% Chiropractic

Channel Letters for Franchises in Atlanta GA

We worked with their corporate headquarters in California on this new, approved yellow logo.


At this time, the company embraces a sign featuring a sunrise with gradient color changes. Moreover, its name and logo are unique in the intertwining of the style elements. Our technicians featured this presentation with a combination of channel letters and lightbox cabinet displays.

We installed the channel letters with a raceway, which allowed us to place the LED wiring and related hardware right behind the elements themselves. For the box cabinet, we used standoffs to achieve a matching distance from the wall for this signage product.

Blade Signs for Franchises in Atlanta GA

Again, this blade sign is the Franchisor’s approved yellow logo.


This sign now succeeds in catching the attention of passersby. After dark, it illuminates and combines the bright color from the lettering with the gorgeous brand tones of the cabinet. Of course, some venues do not require the use of the raceway, which allows for flush-mount installation.

Another signage presentation involves the display of the corporate identity on a panel. The product is double-sided, which addresses consumers coming from either direction on the sidewalk. Moreover, we used an imprinted vinyl overlay to get the gradient color change perfect. By installing it to a black board, the white, yellow, and reddish tones stand out considerably.

Exterior Franchise Signs in Atlanta GA

Front view of 100% Chiropractic’s yellow logo.


An elegant, black, wrought iron arm holds the panel that we installed perpendicular to the wall. Consumers familiar with the brand have an easy time identifying the locations while those who might be checking them out for the first time cannot help but notice the inviting signage products.

Franchise Signage Requires a Partnership with an Expert Sign Shop

Channel Letters in Atlanta GA

A look at the old logo at the franchise in Sharpsburg GA.


One of the reasons why franchises can be so successful is the uniformity of the brand approach. By capitalizing on an already existing brand, you can become a hit before opening your doors. However, this aspect of franchising depends largely on working with a sign shop that puts brand congruity front and center with any project.

Blade Signs in Atlanta GA

A look at the blade sign in Lawrenceville GA showing a red logo.


Here’s how we can help local franchises:

  • Local franchise headquarters. If you are in charge of a franchise’s regional office, we can design, fabricate, and ship all of your signage needs. Working with the same sign shop ensures that the colors and font selections will be perfect.
  • Local franchise owners. For the business owner who just opened up a franchise location, consider working with our experts if you need signage. When the headquarters do not provide the finished products, we can communicate with the office to get the original specs. It will ensure a total color match and identical spacing of all style elements.
  • Remote installations. Of course, we also work with franchise owners who have received their signage products. We gladly install them for you, as indicated by the headquarters.

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