Make Sure Patients Know Where to Go Using the Right Medical Office Signs for Fayetteville, Griffin and Peachtree City GA

Putting patients at ease does not start inside the exam room. Instead, it begins as early as the entrance to your clinic’s driveway. The goal is to make the visitor to your location feel comfortable in their surroundings. Moreover, lower anxiety and discomfort by making wayfinding one of the most manageable tasks for the patient. With the right medical office signs for Fayetteville, Griffin, and Peachtree City, GA, offices, clinics, and hospitals, you can do so with ease.

Directory Signs Spell Out Must-Have Information

Medical Office Signs in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Griffin GA

It is not enough to label a suite with just a number. A better idea is to include the name of the clinic that does business there. Another great option is displaying two directory signs so that the second one names the individual care providers at that location. We recommend the use of slightly rounded brushed aluminum frames that accommodate acrylic or PVC inserts. Because of ADA regulations, the suite number must be repeated in Braille II, and there has to be a specific color contrast.

Brand Your Office with a Custom Lobby Sign & Wall Quotes

Lobby Signs with 3D Letters in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Griffin GA


There are almost endless options for a lobby sign that embraces your brand message. Some feature dimensional letters, while others favor a logo panel display. Also, consider the production of raised letters on a matte panel in your custom colors. Mounted with brushed aluminum standoffs, this kind of sign looks attractive and helps the patient know that they arrived at the correct office.

Wall Graphics and Vinyl Wall Quotes for Medical Offices in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Griffin GA

Some healthcare offices like to use vinyl wall lettering to provide their medical policies, quotes, or other information about their practice. Wall quotes are a great way to share almost anything with your patients. You can even consider wall graphics that depict a theme a child would enjoy to make them feel comfortable. The possibilities with wall graphics are endless and make a great addition to your lobby!

Medical Office Lobby Signs in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Griffin GA


If you have an intricate sign that combines with a logo presentation, consider the use of acrylic or metal for a cutout look. It is an accurate rendition of your corporate persona and imbues your reception area with chic. Besides that, it begins a brand conversation that engages the patient.

Monument Signs Welcome Patients Still on the Road

Monument Signs for Medical Offices in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Griffin GA

A monument sign is a superior wayfinding tool. For the patient who is new to your office, it signals when to enter the turn lane and where to park. Besides that, it is an excellent brand reminder. The best monuments incorporate the clinic’s name, logo, color play, and some aspects of the address. These can sometimes be numerals or the street name.

Exterior Signs for Medical Offices in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Griffin GA

While some monuments consist of brick and mortar signs with stucco fronts, others may be post and panel displays that feature similar information. No matter which displays you favor, ensure that the signage is easy to see from the road and suitable for quick reading.

Illuminated Signs are Excellent Attention Getters

Backlit Lobby Signs for medical offices in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Griffin GA

Most medical offices favor illuminated building signs. Lighted signage is easy to see after dark, which makes it stand out and supports wayfinding. That said, the trend for illuminated signage has now also entered the lobby. Backlit lobby signs are a new way for clinics to boost their brand appeal and help the patient recognize that they are at the right location.

How to Buy Custom Medical Office Signs for Fayetteville, Griffin and Peachtree City, GA

Our sign shop routinely works with clinic and medical office supervisors looking for new ways to help patients feel at ease. Signage can be of excellent use. Sometimes, it could just be a set of wall graphics or quotes to ease the anxious mind. At other times, you may look for something functional that helps with wayfinding. No matter what your signage need might be, call us today, so we can help you put it together!

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