Atlanta Detox Center Welcomes with Two Building Logo Signs and a Monument Sign in Riverdale GA

The Atlanta Detox Center is a beacon of hope for those in need of drug or alcohol detoxification. Located at 277 Medical Way, dedicated staff members customize a treatment plan for each participant. Recently, the facility underwent a complete refurbishing. The management team then requested that SignVisions handle the building logo signs and monument signs in Riverdale, GA.

Visually Appealing Signage Solutions Assist with Wayfinding and Complement the Character of the Clinic

Building logo signs and monument signs in Riverdale GA

Initially, the team asked us to design exterior wall signs that would reflect the changes made to the facility during the refurbishing. Our technicians put together wall signs that feature a white color and display the clinic’s name and logo with three-dimensional style elements. We used the facility’s color palette for a brand tie-in.

Exterior Logo wall signs in Riverdale GA

When the management team contacted us again, they were looking for a sign that would be more prominent and easily visible from the street. Designing a monument sign was an excellent way to meet the client’s needs and highlight the facility’s location. In the process, we were able to add a spotlight for another division of the clinic as well.

Building Wall Logo signs in Riverdale GA

This monument sign shows colorful dimensional letter and logo elements that are part of the building panel already. It is the perfect size for the facility and looks attractive in the landscape surrounding the venue.

Then, the client referred us to a sister facility, Georgia Addiction, where we were able to design exterior signage and a lobby sign featuring dimensional logo elements on an elegant acrylic panel. Our installers mounted this sign to the wall using brushed aluminum standoffs.

Clinic Signage Builds Trusts and Informs Patients

Lobby signs for Detox and Addiction Centers in Peachtree City GA

Medical facilities must be easy to locate for patients. Moreover, the signage they use should be easy to ready, welcoming, and colorful. Because many consumers are nervous about visiting a clinic or undergoing treatment, special attention to the signage component is essential. Bright colors are excellent choices for the outside. For lobbies and other interior spaces, elegance is a critical aspect of building trust.

It puts the patient or visitor at ease and underscores that they are in good hands with the staff. Signage in good condition is also a signal that showcases how the clinic – and, by extension, its team – pays attention even to the smallest details. This is not lost on those seeking treatment.

Adding, Refurbishing, or Replacing Your Street-Facing Signage? SignVisions Wants to Help

If you need building logo signs and monument signs in Riverdale, GA, we gladly assist your facility with the design of the product, the fabrication, and the installation. We use the specs you have or design something completely new from the ground up. For companies that need assistance with co-branding, we gladly show you how easy it is to do so on monument or building signs. And, of course, we are also available to assist with any interior signs you might need.

Please note that we can coordinate and complete the vast majority of our projects working remotely without the need for a physical visit to our offices. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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