Advanced Physical Therapy Adds Exterior Signs to New Office in Peachtree City GA

Advanced Physical Therapy operates in multiple locations. There, they help patients with physical therapy, joint care, balance, and neurological issues. The clinic has entrusted our sign shop with handling its signage at all the locations, including the exterior signs for new offices in the Starr’s Mill area of Peachtree City, GA.

Working with Returning Clients on the Development of a Brand Story

This is the perfect opportunity for looking back on the projects we did for this client.

Logo Design for New Businesses in Peachtree City GA

Logo development. Even though the client had a basic idea of how they wanted their logo to look, we worked with the clinic on the various options. It gave the management team an excellent opportunity to envision what the finished product would look like after sign manufacturing. Most importantly, it allowed the client to develop a signage setup that works for them.

Sandblasted Signs in Peachtree City GA

Carved and sandblasted sign. Our technicians sized the high-density urethane perfectly to fit on the column entrance of the facility. These manufacturing techniques take advantage of the depth a material brings to the table. By eliminating the backdrop with sandblasting, the lettering stands out. By carving specific style elements and filling them with color, we create a stunning juxtaposition of presentations.

Exterior Metal Wall Signs in Peachtree City GA

Metal wall signs. When you do not need a large sign above your door, consider a chic metal wall sign. We recommend the use of aluminum, which is budget-friendly, durable, and versatile. Our technicians can paint it, apply 3D letters, or treat it with an imprinted vinyl overlay.

Exterior Signs for New Businesses in Peachtree City GA

Yard sign. The yard sign takes the place of the monument at new locations. It alerts drivers and passersby to the location of the incoming business. Besides that, it begins the process of presenting the local consumer demographic with the corporate color palette that is part of the branding process.

Vinyl banner. The vinyl banner is the ideal welcome sign to introduce a new company to an existing business community. Focus attention on your company’s name, logo, and niche. Some clients have had excellent success with the display of banners counting down to the location’s grand opening.

Why Your Exterior Signs Matter

Before they find you online, most consumers come into contact with exterior signs for new offices in Peachtree City, GA, as well as surrounding areas. Therefore, business owners now realize that before focusing on interior signage presentations, it is critical to present a cohesive branding on the outside.

Advanced Physical Therapy is an excellent example of a business that has found an ideal signage bundle to introduce its company and generate consumer interest. While you could follow suit, your business might benefit from different signage options. For example, you might decide on featuring 3D acrylic or metal letters on the façade instead of a carved and sandblasted HDU panel.

There is plenty of room for customization to make your brand shine. Please know that we can coordinate and complete the vast majority of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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