The Sellers Law Firm Brands with Post and Panel Sign and Custom Event Photo Backdrops in Griffin GA

The SignVisions team connected with Jody Sellers related to a Spalding Bar Association outing and his need for a retractable banner in a time we’ll call “pre-Covid!”  The Sellers Law Firm was previously located in Suite 502 at 100 South Hill Street, where it operates with the understanding that this is “Where Clients Become Family.” As you might imagine, The Sellers Law Firm is committed to and engaged in, the local community. When they needed custom event photo backdrops as well as a post and panel sign for their new office in Griffin, GA, the firm reached out to our sign shop for assistance.

Customized Event Displays Encapsulate a Visionary Brand Message

Post and panel signs in Griffin GA

Because of its work with community members, the law firm frequently attends workshops and other occasions. Event displays educate consumers and advertise the office’s practice. A good example is the firm’s involvement with the Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild. The custom event photo backdrop we designed and produced features the Guild’s colorful logo and tagline, along with The Sellers Law Firm information.

Images trade off, which gives both entities equitable displays. A second photo backdrop features only the law firm’s name and the tagline serving as the secondary image. This step-and-repeat banner looks good as a photo backdrop and is sure to show up in plenty of pictures that get shared all across social media.

Step and Repeat Banners in Griffin GA

The post and panel sign took the place of a monument sign. Because the law firm does business in a space that is set back from the street, it was essential to boost the visibility from the road. The post and panel sign features attractive black posts with ornate finials. The board displays a slight curvature at the top and features the law firm’s corporate persona in two shades of blue.

This combination of signage solutions works well to advertise the firm, build the brand, and boost name recognition among community members.

Signage Packages Work Together for Your Corporate Brand-Building Needs

Photo Backdrops for Event Displays in Griffin GA

It is not unusual for businesses to approach SignVisions and discuss the development of multiple signage solutions. They may include a combination of interior or exterior signs. Sometimes, the signs include both. A good example is the storefront office that needs a lobby sign and underscores the brand message with window graphics and lettering.

Event signage is another package that companies like. Step and repeat banners are an excellent start, but you might also consider retractable banner stands with double-sided banners. While you might take this sign to a trade show, you can also take it to community meetings or display it in your lobby for customer education.

When you need a post and panel sign or custom event photo backdrops in Griffin, GA, SignVisions wants to assist. We routinely work with companies in the legal, accounting, and insurance businesses and those in a broad range of other fields.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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