Ranews Illuminates with Halo-Lit Channel Letters in Thomaston GA

Located at 2496 Delray Road, Ranews Companies specializes in product assembly, industrial painting, and manufacturing. When the business needed halo-lit channel letters in Thomaston, GA, the management team connected with SignVisions.

Custom Building Signage Creates an Impressive Wayfinding Presentation

Halo-Lit Channel Letters in Thomaston GA

Ranews contacted SignVisions after the completion of another new manufacturing location. The management team liked several of the halo-lit signage designs that we completed in Peachtree City. They wanted something similar for their own facility.

Due to the size of the venue, we measured the surface and determined the best course of action while using the firm’s logo style preference for this facility. It allowed our technicians to put together a sign with a six-foot-tall letter “R” that would set the tone for the other style elements.

The logo letters are all backlit, while the white text elements were done with “push-thru” acrylic that allows the light to shine through. Besides that, a halo lighting effect was added to the panels’ exterior to make the display even more prominent. This design decision resulted in the production of a signage product that is impressive, shines brightly after dark, and embraces the brand message around the clock.

The Installation Had to Be Flawless

Installing Halo-Lit Channel Letters in Thomaston GA

Securing a sign this size is not easy. Aside from the importance of properly spacing the individual style elements, our technicians had to ensure that the pieces were securely mounted so that there would be no chance of movement even in high winds. They started the installation project by fabricating custom-sized mounting brackets that they secured to the exterior wall.

Channel Letter Installation in Thomaston GA

With these pieces in place, we installed the signage panels. They were attached to the brackets so that all the parts would fit together – and stay together. We frequently take this approach when we have the opportunity to put together signs that are larger or heavier than what we might usually put up.

Do Not Hesitate to Buy Large Signage

Where to buy channel letters in Thomaston GA

In the past, some business owners hesitated to put large signs on their facades. In some cases, the building front’s makeup was not well suited for installing something heavy. However, more often than that, they did not know if these large products would be safe. As you can see from our work with Ranews, large and oversized signage products are our specialty.

We Help You with All Aspects of the Project

Do you need halo-lit channel letters in Thomaston, GA? Are you looking to install a large LED reader board, box cabinet, or 3D manufactured letter sign? We can help. Our technicians offer you the opportunity to handle the product from initial inception to the final post-installation cleanup. Besides that, we can also take on any aspect separately. For example, if you already have the design on hand, we can manufacture the sign and install it.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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