Empire Construction Adds New Monument Sign to Eastgate Apartments in Newnan GA

Empire Construction out of Tennessee is known for building innovative homes people want to live in. Empire has been renovating low-income affordable housing projects across the southeastern region since the 1990s. Over the years, Empire has completed over 15,000 units for LIHTC developers using various HUD and state financing programs. After visiting our website and seeing some of the work that SignVisions had done with monument signs, Empire contacted us about a housing authority-managed property, Eastgate Apartments, that required apartment monument signs in Newnan, GA.

Successful Collaboration Results in the Design of Excellent Signage

Fabricating Monument Signs in Newnan GA

Initial fabrication of the sign.


Resin Coated Monument Signs in Newnan GA

Next, the sign is coated with resin.


While working with the client to refine the design to meet the architect’s approval and the city’s requirements, our graphic artist was also able to hit a completion deadline for the project that was coming up fast. Typically, we like to share pictures of the finished product as the project’s highlight. However, in this instance, we thought we would focus attention on the transition from large blocks of EPS foam core to the final product fabrication.

What Is EPS Foam Core?

Monument Sign Fabrication Adding a Layer of Synthetic Stucco

The sign is sprayed with an additional layer of synthetic stucco for a professional appearance.


Also known as expanded polystyrene, the product is suitable for use with composites. Examples include aluminum, resin, or wood that can then be layered. It is interesting to note that this material is more robust than polyurethane. EPS is already used in surfboards to give them their iconic shapes. Not surprisingly, it is also used for the fabrication of monument signs.

Turning a Block of EPS Foam Core into a Monument Sign

Adding the lettering and logo elements to an Apartment Monument Sign

Lettering and logo elements are added then painted with the colors selected for the project design.


The first step of the monument design is to custom-make the shape. When all the dimensions are perfect, the structure is then coated in a resin exterior. It gives the monument a hard shell. With this shell dried and in place, technicians spray the product with an additional layer of synthetic stucco. This particular step gives a professional appearance that requires no maintenance other than the occasional cleaning. Best of all, the structure is now built to last.

Adding the Personalization Presents the Corporate Persona

Apartment Monument Signs Custom Made in Newnan GA

The sign is ready for installation!


The lettering and logo elements are now painted with the colors selected for the project design. After a final finishing step and quality control, it is now possible to load the monument sign and take it to the installation site. There, specialists will place it in the targeted location for the structure. When finished, the monument looks like it belongs in this spot and is part of the landscape.

Buying Monument Signs for Your Building Projects or Rental Properties

Whether you are a contractor, architect, or property manager, having the right apartment monument signs in Newnan, GA, is critical for setting a tone and expanding the reach of your brand message. Like the one this client selected, a formal sign helps prospective tenants understand that this venue is under excellent management with a focus on style and elegance.

You might choose a different approach when you want to draw attention to a different atmosphere, such as when looking for university student tenants or families with young children. Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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