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Does your office or storefront make the great first impression you want? Is it an integral aspect of telling your brand story and engaging the customer with your message? On the flip side, is the space professional but devoid of personality? You can make a radical change with little more than customized wall and lobby graphics in South Metro Atlanta.


Echo the Lobby Sign

One of the most popular reception area wall graphics is the representation of the corporate persona. Typically, doing so involves the corporate color palette, logo, and company name. It is easy to have fun with these graphics. For example, follow the example of Harbinger, and alternate colors while your company’s name turns a corner. It is playful but concurrently a fantastic brand-building tool.


Take Advantage of an Already Existing Space

Some lobbies have that one area that is difficult to deal with. It is too small for traditional wall art. At the same time, it is too large to keep bland. The space needs something. Capitalize on the odd sizing of the wall by making a brand statement. A rendition of your lobby sign is perfectly in place. Besides that, we can adjust the sizing of the style elements so the product is a perfect fit for even the most challenging wall size.


Embrace a Modern Office Decor

Modern office spaces are changing. Sumptuous furnishings and ample wall art give way to branding messages where less is decidedly more. Contemporary design embraces a level of minimalism that immediately identifies you as being on the cutting edge of the industry. Lobby signs and wall graphics are the ways to add splashes of color to otherwise gray or beige wall spaces. Pangborn does a fantastic job with having a lobby sign, a wall graphic that repeats the lobby sign, and another rendition as a floor graphic.


Exploring Options for Any Wall

Excellent wall graphics for clinics, waiting rooms, meeting spaces, offices, and retailers typically have three components in common.

Compelling images. Display the corporate persona or select a complete mural that features a scene to engage the customer’s imagination. Sprinkle in brand mentions and messages.

Advertise. Use vinyl letters, graphics, custom-printed wallpaper, or any combination to advertise your products or services.

Engage the consumer. Another alternative is a set of engaging lobby graphics that tell your company’s story, underscore its values, and highlight its mission to employees as well as customers. These images work well to differentiate your brand from the competition.


Buying Wall and Lobby Graphics in South Metro Atlanta

One size does not fit all, and full customization is critical to the success of your lobby graphics. We can help. Our team routinely assists business owners and property management companies transform nice but bland spaces into brand-building powerhouses.


Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at


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