SignVisions Specializes in Custom Dimensional Letters in Fayette County, GA, and Beyond

House + Hide Welcomes Customers with Dimensional Letters in Fayette County, GA

Operating a brick-and-mortar store at 280 Crosstown Drive, House + Hide is a design center and retailer of fashionable home goods. This client wanted to impress the Peachtree City business community with a brand-focused building sign and enlisted the assistance of SignVisions to design, produce, and install dimensional letters in Fayette County, GA.

Big Logos And Dimensional Letters Require a Big Template

The store’s facade is made of bricks. It is ideally suited to set the tone for the products waiting for the customer inside. Notice how the entrance is particularly tall. Therefore, the client wanted the signage to fit with the overall dimension of the building front. This meant that these dimensional letters and logo pieces would have to be taller than the typical building sign we might fabricate.

House + Hide Calls Attention to Their Location with Branding and Sheer Size

The first step for our team was to go on location and take measurements. Because this is an oversized sign, its dimensions had to be on point. With this information, our graphic artist could calculate the sizes and spacing. Next, we went into production and cut the individual three-dimensional pieces. The depth is identical for each part.

Finally, it was time for the installation. We made an appointment with the client and came to the location prepared with a truck complete with a bucket lift. This was not the kind of project where a ladder would suffice. Brick walls mean stud mountings, which, of course, require precision drilling. Our team was able to do all that and then mount the pieces.

The finished product is perfectly centered between two entrance columns. The sizing takes advantage of the large facade. Customers now quickly locate the business, even from a considerable distance away.

What Makes Dimensional Letters so Popular in Fayette County?

You have undoubtedly seen plenty of companies advertise their locations with 3D letters. Even a quick trip through Peachtree City or Fayetteville proves that 3D letters are frequently selected to represent a company’s corporate persona. For starters, there is the opportunity to choose the right material for your brand and budget.

Options include acrylic, a variety of metals, and outdoor-rated sign foam. Next, choose the depth of the lettering. An eighth of an inch is standard. However, you could select any thickness up to about an inch. Some materials let you go even thicker.

You now have the opportunity to choose the kind of installation method that appeals to you. Flush mounting the pieces with studs is a good choice. It looks clean and takes advantage of the contrasting colors between the letters and the facade. That said, you might also choose standoffs.

In this case, we customize the standoffs to work well with the distance you want to put between the lettering and the wall. Clients usually ask for this installation method if they are going to place LEDs behind the letters for illumination, add decorative touches, or want to heighten the eye-catching nature of the design by having the lettering create its own shadow play.

SignVisions Specializes in Custom Dimensional Letters in Fayette County, GA, and Beyond

Have we piqued your interest in fully customized 3D letters representing your brand? Work with our team on selecting the various aspects that can make your sign stand out from the others around you. Best of all, we integrate your brand message into the design. Call us today to get started on this project!

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