Signage Rebranding and Refreshing in Woodbury, GA

Travel to 35 Industrial Park Drive, and you will see the warehouses of Crown USA. This firm is a national thought leader in pavement marking products and related technologies. With a recent name and logo change, the business contacted our shop to help them with a signage rebranding and refreshing in Woodbury, GA.

Before the Signage Overhaul

The client already had several aluminum signs on the property. Before we began the removal and redo, you can see faded colors, rusting frames, and bowing top layer boards. The signage had reached the end of its useful life, and it was high time to replace or refurbish the individual pieces. Since rebranding was an element of this project, we could reuse some of the existing hardware, which saved our client money.

Crown Makes Its Buildings and Gives Directions with Impressive Signage Solution
Our team worked with the client’s marketing department to produce specs that would be in keeping with the new brand persona. Once we received approval, we were ready to make the changes to the buildings’ exteriors quickly.

The client had several aluminum signs marking their building walls. Some were facing the road and a state highway 200 yards away. The dimensional lettering on this surface had to be on point and easy to read, even from a distance. Because the new letters would have to be mounted to a corrugated wall surface, we refurbished the metal tracks that were already in place.

They needed a good sanding to remove rust buildup and general discoloration. Next, our technicians repainted them to fit perfectly with the wall’s color. Next, we installed the new letters that are 42 inches in height. The refurbished tracks were excellent solutions for an otherwise challenging installation. Finally, we mounted a new logo panel above the letters.

Because the letters would not be mounted to a flat surface, getting precise measurements on the tracks’ surfaces was critical to create a drill pattern aligned with where the letters and tracks would make contact. No, there was no room for error on this project.

Presenting a New Brand Message to the Consumer
From tall building letters to updated wall panels and post and panel signage, each element works in tandem with the branding message the other signs present. Most importantly, they work together to change how visitors to the location interact with the brand. The overall impression is one of contemporary brand building.

Refurbishing Existing Signage? We Do That!
The project at Crown USA is an excellent example of the intersection of signage rebranding and refreshing in Woodbury, GA. Of course, you do not have to undergo a rebranding to take advantage of our sign refurbishing options. We can work with the products you have and save the pieces that are still in good shape. Whatever we cannot reuse, we recycle.

However, in many cases, we can refurbish existing post and panel signs, monuments, building letters, lightbox cabinets, and pylon signage. We suggest budget-friendly solutions if the signage has reached the end of its useful life and environmental damage is not fixable.

If you are unsure what to do with your current signs, there is no need to guess. Talk to us! We can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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