Lighted Commercial Signs Griffin and Peachtree City Businesses Use to Bring In Customers

It is getting dark earlier again. Do your marketing and branding turn off when you leave at the end of the day? Is your message lost during bad weather? When you invest in lighted commercial signs Griffin business owners are now selecting, your message shines brightly around the clock. Nearby Peachtree City companies are following suit. Here is what you need to know.

Front-Lit Custom Lighted Signs Impress with Bright, Bold Colors

Insiders consider these standard illuminated channel letters. The body of each element is made of aluminum. The front closes with polycarbonate facings. Our technicians place LEDs inside the letters. When they illuminate after dark, they shine through the polycarbonate we have painted in your chosen color.

We can emphasize the color by selecting LEDs with complementing hues. Check out the channel letters lighted signs we did for Luxor Nails. Look closely, and you will notice we installed them with a raceway painted in the facade’s color. It makes the mounting bar virtually invisible and heightens the three-dimensional appeal of the channel letters.

Reverse-Lit Outdoor Signs Catch the Eye with Elegance and Chic

Did you know that we can turn the construction of the channel letters around? In this scenario, the outdoor lighted signs are made of aluminum, with the fronts also closed with the same material. The rear of the letters is sealed with a clear polycarbonate cover. When the LEDs in the construction turn on, they reflect off the wall, which bathes each channel letter in a halo.

We can control the strength of the halo by adjusting the length of the standoffs we select to mount the letters. The closer the letters are to the wall, the sharper the halo effect. Give it more distance, and a soft glow surrounds the channel letters. We did channel letter church signs for Center Point Church. The client opted for a sharp halo that gives the letters and logo a chic appearance.

We Follow Local Codes to the Letter with Custom Illuminated Channel Letters

If you love the front-lit look, but your municipality only allows the halo appearance, we can help. We can create an impressive, brand-focused sign with just a few expert adjustments during the construction process. The trick here is to paint the polycarbonate to offer the bold color vibrancy in the front and the halo effect in the back.

Our shop assisted Hotworx with a channel letter gym sign that follows this fabrication method. The client needed lighted commercial signs Peachtree City officials would sign off on. Notice how the fronts present bold white and red colors. For the halo, we installed LEDs. Moreover, we installed the signage on a panel, which allowed the illumination to pop even more because we could control the background color.

Invest in a Storefront Channel Letter Sign That Boosts Customer Engagement with Your Brand

The lighted commercial signs Griffin and Peachtree City companies use to stand out from the competition are fantastic during daylight hours and after dark. No matter what the weather is like, they serve as advertising, brand-building, and wayfinding tools. Unless your signage does something similar, it is time to upgrade.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at


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