Dimensional Letters

Exterior dimensional lettering projects depth and professionalism. Whether attached to the building directly or utilized on a monument sign, dimensional lettering is a striking way to showcase your business to potential clients. The team at SignVisions is dedicated to creating a sign which will be eye-catching to your clients because of the sleekness of the construction and the quality of the sign. Located in Fayetteville and Peachtree City, GA, we provide sign services throughout Fayette, Coweta, and Spalding counties.

Dimensional lettering has many options for customization.

Dimensional letters can be created from metal, plastic, or high-density foam. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you determine the material which will suit your company’s needs and budget. In addition to the size of the letters and color scheme having extensive options, dimensional letters can have different impact depending upon where they are placed as well as the lighting chosen. SignVisions is ready to partner with your company to figure out the ideal plan for your dimensional letters.