Vehicle Graphics Pricing Guide: Comparative Cost Based on Vinyl Choices and Coverage

Have you wondered what it would cost you to obtain vehicle graphics on your commercial vehicle? You probably know that the price is commensurate with the size of the vehicle. Perhaps your choice of word content and colors drives the price up or down, but how much? SignVisions wants to provide a quick solution to your budgeting task by offering you a vehicle graphics pricing guide upfront that reveals comparative cost based on your choices on coverage.

Yes, Size and Extent of Treatment Matter

Vehicle Wrap Pricing Guide | Fayetteville GA | Peachtree City GA

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As you have already learned, the bigger the vehicle, the more vinyl the technicians have to use. The more vinyl they use, the more expensive the project. That said, the intricacy of the project is another determining factor. A business that envisions a full wrap with assorted reflective vinyl components, as well as perforated window graphics, will pay more for the product than a company that does without these style elements.

Van and/or Truck Spot Graphics – Starting from $300

Vehicle Spot graphics and decals Fayetteville GA | Peachtree City GA

Spot Graphics and Decals


This is the type of project that appeals to startups and companies with a firm eye on the bottom line. Besides that, it is a good option if you have a fleet of trucks or vans that you want to use for company identification.

With spot graphics, decals and vinyl lettering, we typically combine a tagline with a corporate logo and name display. Besides that, we feature your contact information and a website address. Peach State Dryer Vents & Air Ducts shows how it is done.

Trailer Graphics – Starting from $550

Trailer Graphics Fayetteville GA | Peachtree City GA

Trailer Graphics


Service providers, contractors, and real estate professionals have begun using trailers for their businesses. These are excellent movable billboards; just ask Truth Bomb T-Shirts. Therefore, we recommend a trailer graphics treatment that takes advantage of its base color.

Companies frequently use the trailer to underscore a services or products menu as well as information about service territories. Of course, the corporate persona is an integral part of this setup.

Box and/or Food Truck Graphics – Starting from $650

Food Truck Graphics Fayetteville GA | Peachtree City GA

Food Truck Graphics / Box Truck Graphics


T.H.I.S. Juice needed a food truck setup that would be as brand-centric as possible. Our team assisted the company with designing a visually stimulating product that captures the attention of passersby.

Besides that, we ensured that the colors and style elements reflect the corporate persona the customer gets to know on the internet. This product combines colorful lettering with graphics and social media icons.

Partial Wraps – Starting from $1,800

Partial Vehicle Wraps Fayetteville GA | Peachtree City GA

Partial Vehicle Wraps


What sets apart our partial wraps from those of the competition is the versatility of the product. Choose from coverage that takes up 25, 50, or 75% of the vehicle’s exterior. Besides that, our graphic artist assists you with a design that incorporates the car, truck, or van’s base color. It is the ideal option for the development of an exciting blueprint with gradient color changes. Opulent Pools has had excellent success with its product.

Full Wraps – Starting from $2,500

Full Vehicle Wraps Fayetteville GA | Peachtree City GA

Full Vehicle Wraps


When your company wants to stand out from the crowd with a wrap covering the entirety of the vehicle’s exterior, we bring our full vehicle wrap setup to the table. Our team devotes each square inch of the vehicle to your branding and marketing efforts.

Some companies choose to feature different images on each side of the car, truck, or van. A case in point is Zodiac Aerospace. The color play is brand-centric and catches the eye with a combination of seemingly moving graphics.

Customization is the Key to Success

Pickup Truck Graphics | Fayetteville GA | Peachtree City GA

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Of course, our vehicle graphics pricing guide only provides a starting point. Besides the excellent material we use, the skilled technicians who will install the product, and the design assistance you receive, you also benefit from our attention to detail and project management commitment.

Learn more about your options by contacting SignVisions today. We serve the business communities in and around the counties of Fayette, Coweta, and Spalding, particularly the cities of Peachtree City, Griffin, Newnan, and Fayetteville. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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