8 Types of Signs for Churches to Engage Your Congregation!

You want passersby to be curious about what participation in your congregation looks like. The same goes for its members. SignVisions technicians know that church signs in Fayetteville, GA, and Peachtree City, GA, will make the difference. They combine wayfinding with glimpses of your church’s activities. Here is how you can engage your congregants more than ever before.

1. A-Frame Signs Invite to Services, Sunday School, and Special Events

Church signs in Fayetteville GA and Peachtree City GA

The A-frame is quick to set up and easy to store. Put it out before and during your events. Because we can add wayfinding arrows, taglines, and your church’s logo, these signs are also great for the times you host outdoor events, picnics, and rummage sales. Add value to the sign with changeable panels that we customize for you.

2. ADA-Compliant Logo Room Signs Mirror a Spirit of Inclusion

ADA Signs for Churches in Fayetteville and Peachtree City GA

Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act when labeling your Sunday school and children’s ministry rooms. If you operate a Christian school, these signs are essential. We recommend the use of brushed aluminum for durability. At the same time, this base color allows for the repetition of your congregation’s logo.

3. Directories for Interior Wayfinding Make Fellowship Easy

Building Directory Signs

Did you know that some people hesitate to engage with others because they are afraid they might not find the meeting rooms? With an attractive directory sign near elevators and stairwells, you take away the hesitation. Arrows focus the attention on the direction. Spell out where the different meeting rooms are. If you have a single-floor space, consider mounting an interior wayfinding sign in the foyer.

4. Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics Combine Privacy with Advertising

Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics

Some churches rent out spaces in schools, business centers, and other locations to run clubs, study groups, and outreach. Make it easy for members and those interested in joining to find you. Window graphics are always a good option because they allow for privacy while allowing you to feature your church’s name and logo in full color or as an etched display.

5. LED Readerboard or Message Board Signs Reach out to the Neighbors and Passersby

LED Readerboard Signs for Churches

Grow your congregation by inviting neighbors to special events, advertising thought-provoking sermon series, and highlighting classes that you offer. Full-color LED readerboards are fantastic at catching the attention of anyone passing by. Best of all, they integrate easily into a pylon or even monument sign. Of course, if you do not mind changing the letters by hand, a message board also works well.

6. A Monument Sign Assists with Wayfinding and Sets the Tone for Expectations

Monument Signs for Churches

The monument sign is a necessity when your church does not open its doors right to the street. Place the monument at the driveway entrance or parking lot. Feature your church’s name and logo along with any details you want. Many congregations have had excellent success with displaying a website address that invites passersby to connect online. This is probably one of our most popular church signs in Fayetteville GA and Peachtree City GA.

7. Wall Murals, Graphics, and Wraps

Church Wall Murals and Graphics

Wall wraps change the ambiance of a space. Many clients have requested these murals to create focal walls that communicate. In this way, they capture the attention of the new congregant or visitor. Install them in the foyer, the social hall, or any other space where your members spend time in fellowship or worship.

8. Outdoor Wayfinding Signs for Larger Campuses

Wayfinding and Directory signs for Churches

When the sanctuary is in one building, the children’s ministry in another, and your counseling takes place in a third, it can get confusing. Easy wayfinding is a snap with panel signs that tell members and visitors where to go. Do not forget to point out the directions to the office!

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