Charter School Adds Donor Wall and Vinyl Graphics in East Point GA!

Located at 1706 Washington Road, the Resurgence Hall K-8 Charter School educates children with an eye on equipping them for high school and college success. SignVisions has worked previously with this client on a variety of projects. When the innovative school decided to designate a hallway to honor those who donate to the facility, we assisted with donor wall and vinyl graphics in East Point, GA.

Problematic Locations Do Not Hinder Our Team

Donor wall and vinyl graphics in East Point GA

The client decided to dedicate a hallway for the display of its recognition wall. It would place it in full view of students, parents, and visitors who enter the assembly arena for events. However, there were challenges. For starters, there were some shadowed areas. Secondly, the hallway features a gradual incline. Therefore, the graphics product would have to consider both conditions to nevertheless present with pizzazz.

Donor Walls and 3D Lettering in East Point GA

Could we do it? Of course! We worked with the client to design the elements that would match the existing colors in the hallway. In addition to dimensional lettering and vinyl graphics for static messages that would remain in place, we allowed for individual donor recognition via decorative metal panels that use magnetic naming emblems.

This inventive design step allows for the annual change of the displays. Most importantly, we added glossy finishes to the 3D letters, which counteracts the perception of shadows and darkness in the space. Now, everyone walking through the hallway has the opportunity to learn more about the donors that make this school’s mission possible.

Do You Have Donors, Volunteers, or Financial Contributors You Would Like to Honor?

Installing the donor wall in East Point GA

Donor recognition is an essential aspect of non-profit success. Schools, churches, and organizations that rely on community support like to show the names and business details of those that support them. You might follow in the steps of the Resurgence Hall K-8 Charter School and dedicate an entire hallway to the project.

In this case, it took up a space measuring seven feet by 30 feet. That said, you do not have to limit yourself to this design style. Some non-profits have had excellent success with displaying a donor tree that features die-cut metal for the design. We can engrave the names of new donors as they contribute to your cause.

Another option is a favorite with organizations that run several events. They frequently request a step and repeat banner for photos at galas and fundraising events. Moreover, banners with stands are good choices for displaying donor names and companies in lobbies and conference rooms.

Do You Need Donor Wall and Vinyl Graphics in East Point, GA?

Donor Walls for Nonprofits in East Point GA

If you have been thinking of honoring contributors to your group, our sign shop will gladly assist you with the setup of an attractive display. Whether you select a wall with vinyl graphics and three-dimensional letters, a banner, or something else altogether, our team can handle it.

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