Healthcare Center Brands on Busy Highway with Exterior Signage Suite in Riverdale GA

Allen Family Healthcare is a medical and psychiatric clinic. Most patients know it as a mobile medical service that would serve members of the community. However, the clinic’s staff decided to open its first physical location to help patients better. Now located at 7930 Highway 85, the team needed an exterior signage suite for healthcare centers in Riverdale, GA.

Taking Advantage of a Building Front to Welcome Patients with Signage

Exterior signage suite for healthcare center in Riverdale GA

With frontage on a busy state road, the clinic needed signage to alert the community that affordable healthcare services were now in the neighborhood. Located next to one of our long-time clients, Sunnyside Auto Glass, Allen Family Healthcare knew they could count on SignVisions to work with the clinic on the project.

Channel Letters and Cabinet Sign Combos in Riverdale GA

Our technicians immediately got to work on the design, production, and installation of an exterior signage suite.

  • Channel letters and cabinet signs. Our technicians’ built channel letters that allow for front-lit illumination. After dark, the light escapes through acrylic fronts that we printed purple, keeping with the clinic’s brand tone. Next, we put together lightbox cabinets that identify the location as an urgent care center. A secondary cabinet features the facility’s tagline. This combination of signs helps patients recognize the clinic’s niche.
  • Monument panel. The space where the clinic opened up is home to other companies as well. (One example is Sunnyside Auto Glass.) The property management company had placed a monument sign with changeable panels on the property to make the various companies more visible to traffic. Our technicians produced a board for the clinic that displays the name and the caduceus to symbolize the field the business is in.
  • Window graphics and lettering. We brought the brand message to the patient’s eye height with window lettering and graphics. Technicians repeated the clinic’s name. Moreover, we used the window panels to advertise the various services that providers offer. At the same time, the prospective patient has an opportunity to connect with the clinic on social media.

Now the incoming healthcare facility does an excellent job of advertising its presence, underscoring its location, and focusing on the services that patients may request.

What Goes into an Exterior Signage Suite for a Healthcare Center in Riverdale, GA?

Window Graphics for Healthcare Clinics in Riverdale GA

At the top of the list is visibility. Clinics must be easy to see from the road as well as for pedestrians who are walking past the location. Moreover, signage must be brand-focused. Color selection is essential. Our technicians work hard to create the perfect color match that repeats your online presence and the corporate presence they have come to know from print ads.

Monument Sign Tenant Panels in Riverdale GA

For healthcare facilities, in particular, there is a lot of information that we can get across with the window panes’ help. Typically, we focus on three distinct aspects.

  1. Services. Because each healthcare clinic focuses on a unique set of services, the patient needs to identify quickly what the provider offers. For example, in the case of Allen Family Healthcare, there is a combination of urgent care and psychiatric assessments.
  2. Hours. Nothing frustrates the patient more than not knowing whether a clinic is open or closed. Highlighting the hours of operation on the door panels is the best solution.
  3. Insurance. Another question that patients typically have is insurance coverage. By featuring the names of insurance providers a clinic accepts, the staff helps patients plan payment for services.

Of course, your clinic might have unique needs that go beyond these details. Contact us today to discuss your options!

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