XL VCB Martial Arts Academy Welcomes New Students with Exterior and Interior Signs in Peachtree City GA!

Xingu Del Rosario is the owner of the XL VCB Martial Arts Academy at 2100 Highway 54. He recently moved here from California and relocated his school teaching Capoeira, Eskrima, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The affordability of the classes makes his school a hit. Besides that, he establishes positive rapport with students from the get-go. When the new martial arts academy needed exterior and interior signs in Peachtree City, GA, he turned to our team at SignVisions for assistance with the project.

A New Signage Suite Welcomes Students to the XL VCB Martial Arts Academy

Backlit Channel Letters in Peachtree City GA

The goal was to make the school’s location visible and provide a brand-focused introduction of its services to the community. The client selected backlit channel letters that feature the Academy’s font and color palette for the outside. After dark, they illuminate for an attractive display against the red brick wall.

Next, our technicians designed 3D lettering for the dojo. Inside the school, the client was looking for a way to guide the dojo’s younger learners’ maturing. We put together three-dimensional letters that mirror the color selection of dark gray for the upper part of the wall space. It looks professional and sharp against the lighter gray color of the lower wall portion. Look closely, and you will notice our technicians’ careful attention to get the font presentation perfect!

Window Graphics in Peachtree City GA

Finally, we designed, fabricated, and installed a window graphic that mimics the company’s building sign look. It is an excellent method for bringing the branding to the customer at eye level.

New Signs for Incoming Businesses Assist with Wayfinding, Name Recognition, and Brand Building

Exterior and Interior Signs in Peachtree City GA

Peachtree City is a popular location for incoming entrepreneurs. The city is friendly toward business, and there are excellent venues currently for rent and sale. When you are in the process of opening a new company, please do not neglect to make it stand out from neighboring businesses and the competition.

Motivational 3D Lettering for Martial Arts Studios in Peachtree City GA

We recommend a signage suite that consists of exterior and interior signs in Peachtree City, GA. You already know that the building sign is of critical importance. The same goes for the window graphics display. For the interior, you have options. Some business owners favor a lobby sign that repeats the corporate persona, while others prefer a brand-centric look that echoes the message their story sends.

Get Your Signs in Time for the Grand Opening Celebration

Interior 3D Lettering in Peachtree City GA

If you already have all the elements of your brand message in place, our staff members can quickly put together the signage you need. However, if you are just starting, we could assist you with designing a brand presence that might be ideal for the location where you will be opening up. Because we offer in-house graphic design, you benefit from the expertise of our experts as well as the project management of our team.

Please know that we coordinate and complete the vast majority of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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