Nestlé Purina Uses 3D Letters and Logo Boards to Brand in Fairburn GA!

SignVisions had the opportunity to work with Nestlé Purina to fabricate and install 3D letters and logo boards in Fairburn, GA. The company was looking for ways to acknowledge its outstanding employees.

Brushed Metal Panels Integrate into a Brand-Centric Display

3D letters and logo boards in Fairburn GA

The client already had the basic design they wanted to follow. However, we could provide some input on incorporating the brushed metal panels as employee acknowledgment boards. One of the most important goals we wanted to achieve was capturing the accurate red color for the Purina logo.

Our technicians used acrylic to manufacture the letters. The square displays consist of brushed aluminum panels. An accurate color match and blending with the vinyl were achieved goals for our shop. Now, the company can recognize the hard work and extra effort employees are putting in. Concurrently, the wall’s setup serves to inspire workers and reminds them of Purina’s vision.

Combining Multiple Materials for a Great Look

Installing Corporate Logo Boards in Fairburn GA

The standard signage setup usually consists of one material. While we might add materials, such as acrylic or metal overlays over foam letters to improve the optics of a product, they blend in with the rest of the elements. However, in this case, the client requested that multiple materials be used for a great look.

As we have noted, we used vinyl letters, brushed aluminum boards, and acrylic lettering. These combine on a wall to create an impressive display. What are some other options?

3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Fairburn GA

Lobby panels. A frequent opportunity to create multimedia signs is the lobby sign. Start with an acrylic panel, add 3D metal letters, and incorporate a printed vinyl frame. You might also consider adding LEDs for illumination.

Building panels. For the building sign, you might choose channel letters, 3D letters, or box cabinets. However, it is possible to add splashes of color to the wall’s surface in the form of vinyl graphics or PVC-style elements. Adding this color to your building can be an excellent brand-building tool. If you have been thinking of cloud letters, consider an acrylic or metal backer panel for excellent material mixing and matching.

Wayfinding signs. You already have some directories and similar signs in place. Most commonly, they are made of metal or acrylic. You can now underscore these messages with related signs consisting of vinyl letters or products. Brushed and etched vinyl, for example, is an excellent way of expanding your wayfinding information on glass windows or glass door panels.

How to Buy Your Next Three-Dimensional Signage Products

Dimensional Letters and Logos for Walls in Fairburn GA

Do you need 3D letters and logo boards in Fairburn, GA? Maybe you are considering an investment in three-dimensional building letters or corporate culture signs? We can help. If you already have a design, we work with your specs. However, if you still need some assistance putting something together, our graphic artist will welcome the opportunity to help do that.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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