GFL Adds New Logo to Cabinet Signs and Post and Panel Signs in Fairburn GA!

GFL’s Fairburn Transfer Station operates at 609 Bohannon Road. From there, it effectively handles the area’s waste management services. Recently, GFL bought Waste Management operations in the area and contacted SignVisions to put together the logo changes on their signage. This project would involve cabinet signs and post and panel signs in Fairburn, GA.

Meticulous Collaboration Results in Brand-Focused Signage Products

Lightbox Cabinet Signs in Fairburn GA

Our team worked with GFL’s local management team and directly with the corporate marketing department situated in Canada. This collaboration was an integral aspect of the sign changes for the two locations.

  • Lightbox cabinet. This cabinet now displays GFL’s green and black brand message. The facing of the sign consists of durable polycarbonate that will remain looking great for years to come.
  • Post and panel signs. Our shop treated three post and panel signs. The first one identifies the location of the Fairburn Transfer Station at the actual entrance gate. A second sign is posted near the turn-off to reach the gate. It features a different look that highlights the firm’s corporate persona and address. Another set of post and panel signs features a variety of messages aimed at drivers. They show white lettering on black backgrounds. Once again, the company’s logo combines with the color palette to identify GFL.

SignVisions Specializes in Assisting Local Businesses with Rebranding Needs

Post and Panel Signs in Fairburn GA

Whether you are rebranding your company or bought a competitor’s business and now need to align the signage, our shop can help. In many cases, we can save you money by refacing existing cabinet signs and post and panel products. However, even if you are thinking of putting in new signage, we can help you find money-saving options.

For example, we recommend metal, acrylic, or outdoor-rated sign foam if you prefer three-dimensional building letters. We can typically remove the facing elements for monument signs and replace them with new ones.

Which Signs Do You Need?

Fairburn GA Post and Panel Signs

For GFL, our shop designed, fabricated, and installed cabinet signs and post and panel signs in Fairburn, GA. However, you may have additional signage requirements? For example, do you want to use window graphics to alert customers to the change of ownership? It could be an excellent way for established consumer groups to develop brand awareness and associate your corporate persona with the products or services they want.

Cabinet Signs and Post and Panel Signs in Fairburn GA

Another product to consider is the banner. Like flags, they attract attention because they signal a recent change or a special offer that is only available for a limited time. As a result, companies that change ownership or rebrand like to use these signs to get attention – even though they remain in the same space.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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