Sports Clips Haircuts Adds a Variety of Business Relocation Signs in Carrolton GA

Operating multiple locations in Georgia, Sport Clips has come to Carrollton at 1765 U.S. 27. In the process, the company needed assistance with business relocation signs in Carrollton, GA. Our sign shop was glad to help.

Moving Signage and Element Relocation

Business Relocation Signs in Carrolton GA

Sport Clips was referred to us by another company. When we met with this client, we learned that the operator needed us to remove an illuminated sign from one of their Peachtree City locations that were closing down. The goal was to reuse it at the new Carrollton venue.

Exterior Sign Removal in Fayetteville GA

We brought in our network partner, PowerWorks Electric, to assist with the safe signage removal. It was essential that we not leave any live wires behind that could harm someone. Next, we moved the sign to the new space.

Relocating Channel Letters to a New Location in Fayetteville GA

Our team then worked within the existing utility structures to mount the signage on the back wall of the new location. Space was tight; however, we made it work.

Putting Together New Signage

Illuminated Building Sign Relocation in Metro Atlanta

During this process, other technicians from our job were busy designing a new channel letter sign that met the company’s corporate guidelines for the front wall of the new store. Once fabricated and painted, we installed the lettering centered above the entrance.

With the building’s signage in place, we turned our attention to the pylon signs of the center complex. Our graphic artist sizes the information to fit on the tenant panels. Next, we manufactured the overlays and installed them. The final signage solution we put up is a window graphic that turns one floor-to-ceiling glass panel into a vibrant advertising message.

Working with a One-Stop Sign Shop during Relocation is Critical

Tenant Panels for Pylon Signs in Carrolton GA

You already know that having a full-service sign shop at your side when opening a new business is crucial. However, it is just as important when you need business relocation signs. Frequently, there are additional tasks to consider and plan for, which other sign makers may not be able to accommodate.

  • Project management. We appoint a specialist to your project. This expert ensures that technicians and third-party vendors stay on time and budget.
  • Network partners. Our shop routinely partners with the trades to assist our clients with electrical wiring run or moved.
  • Permits. Because incoming businesses need to have permits to put up building signage and other products, we handle this aspect of the project, too.

How to Plan for Your Upcoming Company’s Move

We know that you will have your hands full as you transfer services, oversee the build-out of a location, and inform customers. We want to help. When you have a place reserved, contact us with your signage needs and timelines. Our technicians will work around the trades that are working on the space, ensuring that you have signage in time for the grand opening.

Also, please know that we can coordinate and complete the vast majority of our projects by working remotely, which means that there is no need for a physical visit to our offices. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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