You Cannot Miss the Fulton Fresh Mobile Market with These Trailer and Van Graphics!

The Fulton Fresh mobile market is a cooperative outreach that serves residents in so-called food deserts. These are areas where it is more difficult to find fresh and in-season produce than in other neighborhoods. In addition to nutrition education, the mobile market also hands out fresh produce. Its current fall season run is from October 19 to November 18. SignVisions handled the trailer and van graphics in Metro Atlanta.

Vibrant Colors and Brand-Centric Images for Trailers and a Van

Trailer Graphics for Mobile Marketing in Metro Atlanta

The head of the initiative contacted our sign shop to talk about the design of some vehicle graphics. Before rolling out the mobile market concept, they wanted to have images in place that would make the van and trailers stand out and look nice. We went to them at their fleet facility, which is downtown. At that time, we worked with the client to create the designs that communicate the fresh produce program to community members.

Van Graphics for Mobile Food Markets in Metro Atlanta

Overall, our shop treated two trailers and a step van. They now focus attention on vegetables and the message of freshness. The van also displays an official logo from Fulton County and the UGA Extension office. These highlight that this vehicle is an official part of the mobile market program. We added the same official-looking seals to the trailers. Now, residents know when the truck pulls in and is ready to set up.

Harnessing the Power of Vehicle Graphics

Trailer and van graphics in Metro Atlanta

It is a common misconception that only business owners request vehicle wraps or graphics. Instead, these products also benefit schools, cities, and non-profit organizations. They have many of the same needs as a retailer or service business.

Trailer Graphics in Metro Atlanta

  • Be seen. Retailers and contractors want to be seen by as many consumers as possible. It gives their products an advertising boost. The same goes for non-profits. If the consumer does not know that you exist, they cannot connect with you.
  • Create brand awareness. The brand message is what makes you different from other organizations. For example, it might highlight a grassroots organization and differentiate it from a nationally established one. In the same way, it showcases cooperation between an extension and a municipality.
  • Generate interest. For a retailer, creating interest in a product easily translates into the development of buying customers. For a non-profit, it could mean donors or volunteers. For a city-led effort, the interest could come from members of the community being served, as well as possible partners that want to help the group achieve its vision.

What Goes into the Design of Vehicle Graphics?

Trailer Graphics for Mobile Food Markets in Metro Atlanta

When you buy trailer and van graphics in Metro Atlanta, you are looking for ways to stand out. Our graphic artist can assist you with the design of your message from the ground up. We can work with the artwork and lettering you already have, or design something new.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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