Lotus Wellness Adds Vinyl Graphics to Mobile Health Trailer in Fayetteville, GA

The Lotus Family Wellness Clinic operates a brick-and-mortar location at 1240 Highway 138. This returning client recently added a new aspect to its care approach. Therefore, the management team requested that we proceed with a project involving mobile health trailer graphics in Fayetteville, GA.

Lotus Wellness Serves Customers with Mobile Testing Services

Mobile Health Trailer Graphics in Fayetteville GA

The company secured and fully equipped a trailer to provide medical services onsite. It has helped the clinic support entertainment production studios with onsite testing to maintain schedules while regularly testing to meet safety protocols. Of course, a big part of operating this service is advertising the provider.

The client already had an idea of what they wanted this graphics product to look like. Therefore, our specialists focused on design proofing, production, and installation to fully mobilize the clinic’s message. The finished design displays white style elements against a red background. Information tells would-be customers about COVID testing, wellness services, and aesthetic treatments.

Focusing Attention on the Connection Customers Can Make with the Clinic

Trailer Graphics in Fayetteville GA

In addition to listing a menu of services, you will notice that this graphics presentation draws attention to the many ways that people can connect with the clinic.

  • QR code. A QR code with the printed invitation “scan me” is on the trailer’s door.
  • Social media connections. The clinic welcomes interaction with customers on several social media sites. The trailer provides the ways that the consumer can make the connection.
  • Standard contact details. In addition to a phone number, there is a separate number for text messages. And, of course, there is an email address.

This combination of contact details is essential for the clinic’s mission of having a far reach and serving those who need its services no matter where they are.

Advertising and Building Your Brand with Trailer Graphics or Wraps

Trailer Graphics for Mobile Healthcare Services in Fayetteville GA

Our shop specializes in assisting customers in communicating effectively with prospective visitors to their stores or online contacts. Using a trailer or van is an excellent approach since it lets you control where you will take the marketing message. A full trailer wrap covers the entirety of a vehicle’s exterior. It is the most effective product when you need to change a message’s background and foreground.

If you like the color of the background, a partial wrap or graphics package could be perfect for you! We can help you with the product’s design or proof the design you already have put together in-house. From there, we print the vinyl in the color palette you specify and prepare the trailer for the installation. Finally, it is time to install the trailer graphics. Whether you need a set of mobile health trailer graphics in Fayetteville, GA, need to build a brand for a service business, or want to advertise the brands you feature, we can help.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at


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