Puppy Love Mobile Pet Spa Adds Trailer Wraps in Senoia GA!

The Puppy Love Mobile Pet Spa offers you the convenience of at-home grooming without the struggle of taking a dog to a store. There are no kennels or crate dryers. Similarly, you will not find any harsh chemicals. Instead, you work with a patient groomer who trims nails, de-sheds the pup, and brings it all to your front door. When this company needed trailer wraps for mobile pet groomers, the management team entrusted SignVisions with the project.

A Distinct Look Creates a Brand-Centric Focus

Trailer wraps for mobile pet groomers in Senoia GA

Our specialists worked with the client to design a distinct look for the dog grooming trailer. The company’s owner envisioned the use of detailed watercolors with some gradient color changes. She had used Canva to design many aspects of the product. Our technicians then took these specs and adapted them to workable production files that could be printed and installed.

Printing Trailer Wraps for mobile pet groomers

Because the client wanted to minimize the galvanized steel look on the sides, our technicians tested vinyl that would adhere properly. We found the ideal product and wrapped the bottom sections in white. Next, we took a high-resolution print of the company’s mascot and adapted it to add the graphic to the design.

Trailer Wrap Installation in Woodbury GA

The finished look of the trailer is professional but playful. It appeals to pet lovers, gives the needed contact details, and presents an abbreviated menu of services. In addition to branding the enterprise, this trailer also advertises effectively as it is driven from one customer’s house to another.

Small Businesses Need Vehicle Graphics, Too

Trailer Wraps for Mobile Pet Groomers in Woodbury GA

It is a common misconception that only big companies or medium-sized contractors benefit from vehicle wraps or graphics. This is not the case. Instead, the small business owner can see their company grow tremendously when joining the mobile marketing revolution.

  • Establish a territory. Prospective customers will not know that your service exists in their area if they do not see you. While you may not have a storefront, you can still introduce yourself to your targeted area with a wrapped or graphics-treated vehicle.
  • Advertise a product or service. How do you make customers’ lives easier? Describe the product or service you offer, which creates a need that you can then meet.
  • Introduce a brand story. Even a small business needs a brand story. The presentation of the font, color palette, and graphics messages combines to compete with other companies for the customer’s dollar.

SignVisions Assists Entrepreneurs with Trailer Wraps for Mobile Pet Groomers, Notaries, Delivery Drivers, and Gardeners

Establish yourself in the area as the authority in your field. If you have put together your graphics already, we will size and arrange them to look great on a trailer, car, van, or truck. If you do not yet have anything in mind, enlist the help of our graphic artist, who will gladly assist you with the sketches.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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