Resurgence Hall Charter School Adds Hallway Wall Graphics in East Point, GA

SignVisions enjoys building lasting business relationships with our clients. One example is Resurgence Hall Charter School. The administration asked us to put together donor wall and vinyl graphics in the past. This time, the client had a vision of displaying key affirmations that would be seen primarily by their first-grade scholars. The school called us to discuss the design, production, and installation of encouraging school wall graphics in East Point, GA.


Working Side-by-Side with the Client to Design Hallway Graphics

wall graphics in East Point GA

wall graphics in East Point GA

Each client has unique needs when developing signage. This is one of the reasons why we customize our approach to each project we take on. For these designs, the client took into consideration that the hallway is one of the most frequently used on the campus. Besides that, it directly faces the first-grade classrooms.


The client worked with our graphic artist on putting together a design. We presented a few options before arriving at the creation that the client loved.


It features Resurgence Hall’s logo and underscores the use of the orange brand color. The messages are targeted. The lettering reads, “I believe in myself.” Another set of letters expands on this message and affirms the scholars’ abilities, intelligence, capabilities, and the commitment to “give 150%.” The finished product looks attractive, fits in perfectly with the school’s overall atmosphere, and fulfills its goal.


Why Schools Like Wall Graphics and Wraps

Wall Graphics, School Wall Wraps

Wall Graphics, School Wall Wraps

We frequently work with school administrators looking for budget-friendly ways to make significant changes to the ways their hallways, classrooms, and even playgrounds look. In addition to being inexpensive, there are other advantages to introducing vinyl wall graphics and wraps to your space.

  • Anti-graffiti laminate. In spaces where audiences are primarily young, it can be tempting to add bits and pieces of graffiti. An anti-graffiti laminate lets you clean up these spots with ease. It protects your investment and discourages the behavior.
  • Replaceable. If a panel should get damaged somehow, our shop can reprint and reinstall it. Because we keep your specs on file, a quick call or email to our shop gets it done.
  • Instant change. When you paint walls, you have to clean them, fix them, and then paint multiple coats. Vinyl wall wraps and graphics cover a multitude of minor scrapes and bumps to walls. Also, they do not have a strong paint smell. Most importantly, they immediately change the look and feel of any space.


How to Buy Your Next Set of Vinyl Wall Wraps

Wall Graphics and School Wall Wraps in East Point GA

Wall Graphics and School Wall Wraps in East Point GA

The SignVisions team specializes in designing, producing, and installing school wall graphics in East Point, GA. We can work with elementary schools all the way up to university campuses. No project is too large or small for the team. If you need help with putting together a specific look, we can help with that, too.


Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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