Custom Pylon Sign Update in Williamson GA Welcomes Pilots

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Peach State Aerodrome and the Barnstormer’s Grill. Both are located at 349 Jonathans Roost Road and had an idea for a custom pylon sign update in Williamson, GA. They entrusted SignVisions with the project.


A Logo Change Leads to a Need for New Signage

The Peach State Aerodrome is a popular public/private airport. Only about an hour south of Atlanta, it is a popular spot to live and visit. Besides that, it is also a designation for participants in the Youth Aviation Program. The Barnstormer’s Grill is a locally-owned restaurant serving traditional American fare. Both venues recently changed their logos and now needed a pylon sign update.

Sign Update in Williamson GA

Pylon Sign Updates Work with Existing Structures

It is a common misconception that updating exterior signs always means buying new ones. It was a better option for the clients at 349 Jonathans Roost Road to refresh their signage. And after checking around and seeing some of our work, they knew that we could deliver.

They had existing pylon sign structures. Therefore, it was important that we designed, measured, and fabricated the panels to fit perfectly. There was no room for error. When we visited the location for the site survey, we noticed two panels that had weathered considerably. Besides that, one of them featured a changeable letter message board. The client wanted to preserve this functionality.

Pylon Sign Update

A secondary sign used a post and panel structure that called for boards of different sizes and slightly different designs. Because they were primarily wayfinding products, these panels did not know message board construction; however, the client did request the addition of an arrow to direct first-time visitors.

Custom Pylon Sign

Readying the Finished Panels for Installation

The client intended to have the Peach State maintenance team take care of installing the boards. The total customization of the panels ensured that they fit the framing, which varied with its placement. Our team was sure to provide instructions that would make mounting the products a snap. Now, the primary pylon sign is prominently displayed on Hwy 362, which is growing busier and provides the businesses with crucial visibility.

Pylon Sign Update in Williamson GA

Are Your Exterior Signs in Need of an Update?

You already know that we can assist with all aspects of a custom pylon sign update in Williamson, GA. However, did you know that we can also help with other signage refresh projects? Examples include updates to monument signs, lightbox cabinets, and even some building letters. If you are unsure whether you need a signage update or replacement, we will gladly visit your location and assess the existing products.

Because we always look for ways to save our clients money and preserve resources by reducing waste, we favor the idea of freshening existing sign structures. Of course, if you have already decided that you would prefer a new sign with perhaps a different design, sizing, or other elements, we gladly accommodate you.

Please know that we can coordinate and complete most of our projects working remotely, without a physical visit to our offices required for safe and successful accomplishment. Call us at 770-756-6600 or email us at

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